Looking for RayPump alternatives?

RenderStreet has been at the forefront of the Blender rendering since 2012 and is the most recommended rendering service for Blender users.

We can help you transition from Raypump by providing a fast, affordable and Blender artist centered service.

GPU and CPU based rendering

Whatever your hardware needs, we got you covered. With many Quad GPU NVidia® Grid ™ powered servers and Dual CPU 32-thread Xeon E5 line machines, your renders will always finish fast. We can accelerate all your projects, even if you use OSL or have too many textures or a geometry too complex for the GPU to handle. And we always have spare capacity.

Low cost, unlimited rendering

With RenderStreet One, you pay a small fixed fee each month and render and as much as you can. It's cheaper than paying for a new computer at home, and even cheaper than the electricity you would pay to keep a server up and running all day and night. Plus, you can access it from everywhere you go.

We help you deliver

With just 33 minutes of down time in the past year, our service always delivers. And you can depend on our best-in-class support to help in the rare instances when the renders don't come up as expected. See our performance figures for 2015 to learn why we have a 99.5% success rate in job delivery and more.

Flexible upload and download

You like uploading your projects to the farm with a plugin? That works with us - and an even better uploader/downloader is on its way now. You're a FTP guy? We got you covered: you can upload, download and even setup automatic downloads on FTP. You prefer to upload the project from a web page? That works too. Did you know we also have an API?

Easy to understand interface

Getting to use RenderStreet is so easy, you'll be amazed. From creating your account to uploading your first file and to getting your first render you only need to do a few clicks. Our interface has some cool features too - job details, estimates and even video previews for most output formats!

Multiple rendering engines

With us, you can render your project using your preferred rendering engine, while still benefiting from the speed of our network. Currently supported: Blender Internal, Cycles (both on GPU and CPU), LuxRender (standalone .lxs files), V-Ray for Blender.


If you're familiar with RayPump, you can use a similar process to render your files.
Or you can take advantage of our flexibility.
Upload your project files. You can do that from the browser, FTP, or our plugin.
Set up a rendering job by adjusting the frames and other rendering parameters.
Start the job and relax. Now you can focus on other activities, while we render your project.
We email you to let you know the job is finished and files are ready to download.
Download the rendered files. Alternatively, you can download frames as they render.
Our network consists of only top of the class servers featuring two latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors (dual processors for a total of 32 threads). This assures a single server will perform a lot faster than an ordinary workstation.
If you need rendering on GPU, we use computers with Quad NVidia® K520 GPU cards, each with 4GB or more of memory. That makes rendering on GPU very fast as well.


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