Make 3D Art. Skip the render time.

We stand by independent professionals, artists and studios by keeping their attention on what they are doing best - their creativity. We're taking care of the 3D rendering, while you get more time and the necessary peace of mind for inspiration and the artistic composition.

We created RenderStreet determined to change 3D rendering services from rarity, to commodity. Our service was built to accommodate any job size– from enthusiast stills, to movie productions. We're backing independent initiatives with guidance and by providing close support for our users.

Our best proposition is not the exquisite software, or our machines, provided by the the most reliable global companies, but our passion driven people.

Founding Team


CEO, Co-founder

Marius has a comprehensive 15 year background in software development and design. Graduating from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest with a postgraduate degree in computer science, his career began with Italian software multinational SAIR working on proprietary data warehousing solutions.

The next step was to establish his own company Abroad Software which he successfully grew and sold in 2007.

Marius then spent 4 years at Island Logic as CTO, responsible for its e-commerce and business operations software, successfully leading its in-house development team.

In 2012 Marius, with his partners Sorin and Oana, founded RenderStreet.

In his unwinding moments, Marius can often be found on the dance floor, enjoying a smooth Salsa song.


CTO, Co-founder

Sorin has been a serial entrepreneur since 2001, when he started his first company specialized in software development, which he later sold in 2007.

Between 2007 and 2011, Sorin has held various leadership roles in a larger company, being first a CTO for the company and later the general manager for the Europe operations. In that position, he was responsible for the financial results in EU, with responsibilities for sales, customer service and marketing.

Since 2011, he has returned to being an entrepreneur, failed with a few startups, and started RenderStreet in 2012. As of February 2012, he is the CTO of RenderStreet.

He is interested in using technology to help companies grow and has successfully applied that to companies in various growth stages.

In the afternoon and weekends, you can also find Sorin rock climbing at the local gym or crag.


3D Designer, Co-founder

An architect by formation, Oana made the decision to dedicate to 3D modelling and rendering very early in her carrier. She started using 3D modelling applications in 1996, and quickly became proficient in using them.

After perfecting her skills working for Vizit 3D, a US based company and Vlad Simionescu & Asociatii Arhitecti, a prestigious Romanian architectural company, Oana decided to open her own 3D visualization company, Color Studio, in 2005.

Since 2005, Oana has helped numerous clients visualize their projects, win contests and have happier customers.

In 2012, Oana helped come up with the RenderStreet concept and since then she is advising on designing and implementing a better product.

In her free time, she enjoys playing with her 6yo daughter or playing her guitar.

Platform Partners

We partnered with some of the best infrastructure providers in the world, to offer our users top of the line servers, available at affordable prices. We are always looking for new partners and new ways to upgrade the performance of our infrastructure.


RenderStreet is a global leading render farm built upon a powerful multi-cloud approach to 3D rendering. Utilizing its proprietary RenderWheels solution, RenderStreet's resource allocation algorithms dynamically optimize for speed and running cost, providing the quickest and most cost effective rendering solution available.

Founded by Marius Iatan and Sorin Vinatoru, RenderStreet is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania has a multi-server infrastructure located across the United States and Europe and is partnered by Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer, Windows Azure.

Render Street SRL
40 Valea Ialomitei st
061967 Bucharest 6, Romania
VAT ID: RO30976487
Reg No: J40/14191/2012
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