BLENDER VERSIONS 4.1 (w/Cycles X) and 3.6 –> 2.75, CUSTOM COLOR PROFILES
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Blender is an open-source modeling tool, which ships with two main rendering engines: Eevee and Cycles. In addition to those, various 3rd party engines are available as plug-ins: VRay, RenderMan, LuxRender, YafaRay and others. Cycles supports both CPU and GPU rendering – on NVidia (CUDA) and AMD (OpenCL) cards, while Internal is CPU-only. There is native support for OSL and SSS, as well as a NPR mode with a very fast shader system.

RenderStreet offers full support for Blender, for Eevee, Cycles, Internal (up to Blender 2.79), VRay, YafaRay and LuxBlend (LuxRender plugin). Our platform has support for both CPU and GPU rendering and our advanced analyzers automatically set the maximum performance parameters for each particular project.

RenderStreet’s streamlined interface allows you to sign up and launch your first project in less than 5 minutes .The process is fully automated and every step presents you with clear options and status information. The animations can be previewed in browser as they are rendered, and in some cases so can still images. Most basic operations (changing samples, output format, frame range, etc) can be done without needing to reupload the project file.

For advanced users, several upload and download options are available: plugin, FTP, and an API that can be used to implement one-click integrations in your existing shot management software. Automatic downloads of renders can be set up, so you get the frames as they are being completed for faster turnaround times.


CPU and GPU rendering available
With hundreds of NVIDIA® A10 GPU servers available (a single server is the rough equivalent of an RTX 3080 card), we got you covered. Your projects can run on our GPUs whether you have a GPU in your local machine or not. Starting with Blender 2.93, hybrid CPU+GPU rendering is available. And if your project needs to run on CPU, an equally large number of Dual Xeon E5-series, with up to 192 GB of RAM, are available. Whatever your project needs or your time per frame, your renders will be delivered on time.
Upload your bake caches easily
Upload your bake caches easily
If your project has elements that need baking, RenderStreet can render it for you. Simply bake the caches on your computer according to our documentation and upload everything with one click through our add-on (manual upload is also available).
Split (distributed) rendering for still images
Split rendering for still images
Working with huge images can be challenging and time-consuming. Our automated split-and-stitch algorithm makes sure you can render your images, no matter their resolution. Being able to allocate several servers to rendering a single image significantly speeds up the delivery and helps meet your deadline.
Always the newest version of Blender (and several older ones too)
Always up-to-date Blender versions
We always have the latest official version of Blender available so you can benefit from the newest features and performance improvements made available by the Foundation’s dev team. At the same time, we understand that professionals may choose to render their projects with the exact Blender version they were developed with, for maximum compatibility. So we’re making available a number of past versions as well, so you can choose the exact version you need. Plus, if you have a large project that needs a special Blender version, we may be able to accommodate it as well.
File output nodes are supported
File output nodes support
Your pipeline uses file output nodes because you need your passes in separate files? No problem, they are supported on our farm too. You don’t need to do anything special, just launch your project and you’ll get the files when the render finishes.
You can output your images in Multilayer EXR format
Support for Multilayer EXR
Multilayer EXR are the preferred format for professionals that need to further process the files in their pipeline. We fully support this output format – and there is no extra charge to use it.
In-browser preview for still images and animations
Previews for stills and animations
When you render an animation, our platform automatically generates a video preview and displays it in your browser. The movie is continuously updated as new frames are rendered, so you can have a quick way to check your work. Need to send the movie to someone for previz/acceptance? You can download the preview on FTP and use it for your purpose. The feature also works for images that are launched in our split rendering mode. In this case, you can see a preview of the partial image as each part is finished. Previews are also available for normal images, in the the situations in which Blender makes available the frame information. See the results quicker, have more time to react if something needs to be changed.
Multiple rendering engines are supported
Multiple rendering engines supported
We know that in the rendering world there's no "one size fits all" approach. So we strive to provide support for as many rendering engines as possible. By doing this, we hope to be able to help each customer use their preferred rendering engine, while still benefiting from the speed of our system. Currently supported: Eevee (starting with Blender 2.80) Blender Internal (for Blender up to 2.79), Cycles (both on GPU and CPU), LuxRender (standalone .lxs files), V-Ray for Blender.

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Karen Carr
Karen Carr Studio, Inc.
Karen Karr's testimonial after having used RenderStreet
customer quotesYou guys are great! We rely on Render Street for fast, scalable rendering for huge single images and for animations, using Blender Internal and Cycles. The service is always great, the pricing is fair and the jobs control panel lets us see in an instant where our projects are. We like the Blender plug-in, too: We can launch jobs from within Blender as we work!