We currently offer full support for GPU rendering in Cycles on our farm. GPU-compatible projects are automatically routed to our top of the line GPU servers for the best available performance. The GPU infrastructure is continuously updated as new GPU models are released, so you are always rendering on the latest hardware. Our intelligent analysis and allocation systems make sure all your renders are completed in the most efficient way, for the benefit of both your time and your budget.

High performance computing using GPUs

GPUs are one of the foundation layers of today's HPC infrastructure. From Bitcoin mining to deep learning, the highly parallel architecture of GPUs makes them the ideal candidate for massive number crunching tasks. When used for rendering, with a GPU-enabled engine (such as Blender's Cycles or V-Ray RT), the GPUs can provide a significant performance boost compared to processing the same scenes on CPUs.

Enablers for future technologies

The GPUs are the enablers for the next wave in entertainment - virtual reality and augmented reality. Each new generation provides a leap in processing power and available memory, pushing forward towards the ultimate goal - creating and delivering lifelike environments in the VR. Whether your renders are in real time with a game engine, or offline, GPUs are here to help.