PRIVACY POLICY (the “Privacy Policy”)

Last updated on 24 May 2018


We will not sell, rent, or otherwise use your information in any inappropriate way.
We will never look at your projects unless you ask us to do it. Everything is 100% automated.
We will only use your projects to render them. We will not use them in any other way. Unless you grant us explicit permission to do that.
If required, we will sign NDAs covering all work you upload to our site

Privacy Policy

PLEASE NOTE: This Policy is continuously updated to reflect both changes in the way our products and services work and are being delivered, and latest market practices and regulations that may impact its provisions. While we will notify you at the time of any significant changes, we recommend you review the Policy regularly and check whether a newer version of it has been uploaded since your last review.


While using Render Street’s products and services and the site located at (the “Products”), we want to make sure you benefit from the best services available in the space of 3D visual rendering. In the process of making the Products available and running, we need to access several pieces of data that refer and/or belong to you.

That is why we want you (we also refer to you as the “User” in this document) to take a minute to review several aspects about the connection and similar between our Products and your data.

When you tick the box that mentions you have read and understood this document (the “Privacy Policy”), we consider that you understand how the Products use your data. If you have any questions about your personal data, e-mail us at or contact us in the Support Section of the dashboard in your account.

What data are we referring to? The Products collect data from you both directly (i.e. from your input in textboxes or forms across the Products, such as the account registration form or the contact form) and indirectly (i.e. while you are using the Products, without your direct input).

Part of this data is personal data (i.e. data that can lead to your identification). Part of the personal data is needed to make the Products work as intended (i.e. deliver you the service you requested and expected when using the Products and/or registering an account with us), while another part is used with your express consent, which we request before we need to access and use that specific piece of personal data. You can find out more about the specific personal data we process in Section 3 below.

Who can access your data and from where? First, the entity operating the Products: Render Street SRL, a company registered in and operated from Romania. You can learn more about us by visiting our website (, writing to us using the pop-up bubble in the right-hand side of our website, or e-mailing us at We may also refer to ourselves as “we”, “us”, “our company” in this document.

Second, in developing and operating the Products, we use products and services provided to us by third-parties. They may access some parts of your personal data strictly to provide us with their products and services. These include: data hosting services; social media services; payment services providers; e-mail marketing and marketing automation services. The entities which provide these services are referred to in Section 4.2 below.

Why do we need your personal data? Some parts of your personal data are needed to provide you with the services in the Products (such as your e-mail address, which is used to keep you updated about the status of your rendering jobs you have instructed to take place, as well as to avoid the creation of duplicate accounts, or your credit card details, which are needed to validate the payment of the products). Without this data, the Products cannot function as designed and cannot be guaranteed to operate as you expect them to do.

For other pieces of personal data, we have a legitimate interest to be aware of, since they are required for us to be able to monitor any fraudulent uses of the Products, by first-time or repeat offenders attempting to access the Products or part thereof by making use of technical loopholes. These pieces of personal data include: your IP address, the zip code of the location you are present in when accessing the Product, the name of your Internet Service Provider. We strictly use this information to limit fraud.

If you have any questions or are unsure about any provisions in this Privacy Policy, please e-mail us at or use the Support Section of the dashboard in your account.


    1. The entity owning and operating the Products is Render Street SRL, registration number J40/14191/2012, a company registered and operating from Bucharest, Romania, having the headquarters at Str. Valea Ialomitei 40, sector 6, 051967 (we, us or our, in any case the "Company"). This Privacy Policy comes to ensure that we have standards in place to protect the Personal information that we collect about Users that is necessary and incidental to:
      1. offer the Products we develop in the space of 3D visual rendering; and
      2. the normal day-to-day operations of our business.
    2. This Privacy Policy follows the legal provisions in place, including:
      1. Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the "Directive", in force until 24 May 2018); and
      2. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC ("General Data Protection Regulation" or "GDPR", applicable starting with 25 May 2018).
    3. By publishing this Privacy Policy, we aim to make it easy for you (the "User") and anybody else interested, to understand what Personal information we collect and store, why we do so, how we receive and/or obtain that information, and the rights you have with respect to the Personal information that we have. 
    1. Our Privacy Policy deals with how we handle “personal information" or "personal data", as we may refer to it in this document.
    2. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to information we collect about businesses or companies; however it does apply to information about the people in those businesses or companies that we store. This means that, even if you use the Products as an entity, the information you provide and we collect is still personal data if it can lead to the identification of an individual in your company.
    3. If, at any time, you provide personal information or other information about someone other than yourself, it means you have the capacity and/or authority to do so. We will not contest this, and you are responsible for the way in which you use the personal information that you provide us with.
    4. Our website and services are unavailable to children (persons under the age of 18 years).
    1. In the course of business, it is necessary for us to collect personal information. This information allows us to identify who an individual is for the purposes of our business, share personal information when asked of us, contact the individual in the ordinary course of business and transact with the individual. The personal data we collect is: 
      1. your e-mail address and real name, which are collected directly from you when you sign-up for an account for our Products. We need this information to be able to provide you with the service you request and expect, as well as be able to screen for duplicate accounts and notify you whether you already have an account with us;
      2. the IP address you use to access the Products, the Internet Service Provider with which you have a contract allowing you to access the Products via Internet username, and the zip code of your location used to access the Product. We need this information based on our legitimate interest to scan any fraudulent activity that some users may engage in using technical loopholes. This is the only purpose for which such information is used;
      3. your user and project ID, which are pseudonymous pieces of information allocated automatically by our systems whenever a rendering job is instructed in our Products. We need this information based on our legitimate interest to keep track of rendering jobs performed through our Products and quickly identify what project is causing a particular problem in the way our Products operate.
    1. We collect information from you using forms (such as the account registration form) or other textboxes (such as the contact forms available in your User dashboard). We collect information each time you contact us, either through the Product or via e-mail, but we attempt to not store personal data contained in your communication with us other than that which is necessary to respond to your request..
    2. We also collect information with the help of third-parties that have products and services integrated in our Products. These third-parties are:
      1. Lucky Orange LLC (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to see how and where a user is performing different actions in our Products;
      2. PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to process payments you make in our Products; please note that, in this case, we do not store your payment information, we only use the positive result of PayPal's query into whether your payment details are valid;
      3. PayU SA (Romania). (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to process payments you make in our Products; please note that, in this case, we do not store your payment information, we only use the positive result of PayU's query into whether your payment details are valid;
      4. Sendgrid Inc. (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to send you e-mails and manage all your incoming e-mails centrally;
      5. SendinBlue SAS (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to handle our marketing campaigns;
      6. ActiveCampaign LLC (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to handle our e-mail marketing strategy;
      7. Amazon Web Services, Inc. (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to host our Products and Product-related data;
      8. Google Ireland Limited (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to host our Products and Product-related data;
      9. Datacamp Limited (privacy policy available here:, which we use in order to host our Products and Product-related data;
    3. If this section changes, we will inform you in advance of any such changes, including the impact of the change on your use of the Products and, where the case, whether an explicit consent from your end is required for such changes to effect.
    4. Where we obtain personal information without a User's knowledge, we will either delete/destroy the information, or inform the individual that we hold such information and regarding other aspects, according to legal provisions in force at that moment. 
    1. We will store personal information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. To this extent:
      1. the information you used to register and use your account (real name and e-mail address) is stored two years after you delete your account, so that you can easily have your preferences in one place while you are using the Products, as well as allowing us to assess our success in re-activating you as a User of the Products following our remarketing campaigns; after you delete your account, your e-mail address will be marked accordingly in our internal database to signify you are no longer a user of the Products; the above will not impact your subscription to the newsletter, if the case, and you will need to unsubscribe from the newsletter using the buttons available in the newsletter, if you wish do so
      2. personal data contained in any invoices we issue with your details will be stored according to applicable Romanian laws on archiving invoices, which provide a term of at least 10 years of invoices being stored after their issuance;
    2. If it is necessary for us to disclose your Personal information to third parties in a manner compliant with applicable legal provisions in the course of our business, we will inform you that we intend to do so, or have done so, immediately, using the contact details you have provided to us.
    1. We are continually aiming to minimize the quantity of personal data we process in order to maximize the security of your experience while using the Products. To this extent, we are taking the following measures to secure your personal data:
      1. Personal data is stored and accessed from servers operated by Datacamp Limited, while a back-up of all this data is available on servers operated by Google Ireland Limited;
      2. Access to personal data is only available to members of the senior management of the Company, without the possibility of other employees/collaborators to access such data;
    2. Based on the quantity of personal data we may process in the future, as well as the purposes of such processing, we may appoint a Data Protection Officer who will be the main contact person for you regarding any inquiries or issue you may have regarding your personal data. At the moment, you can direct any questions you may have, or exert your rights related to your personal data by using the Support Section of your user dashboard or by e-mailing us at
    3. We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of any third party (including third parties that we disclose your Personal information to or whose products/services we use in accordance with this policy or any applicable laws). The collection and use of your personal data by such third parties is subject to those third parties' privacy and security policies. We can only guarantee that we seek to constantly minimize the quantity and granularity of personal data that third parties can access, in any way, via the Products.
    4. If you suspect any misuse or loss of, or unauthorized access to, your Personal information, you should let us know immediately by using the Support Section of the user dashboard or by e-mailing us at
    1. Users enjoy the following rights in connection with their personal data, which they may exercise by using the Contact Section of the user dashboard or by e-mailing us at
      1. Right to access personal data
        1. Any User may ask the Company, for free, once every 6 months, to confirm that the Company processes (or not) personal data related to the User. In case the Company processes such data, it must inform the User about: purposes of processing; types of personal data being processed and, to the extent such data is not actual/up-to-date/relevant, the User's right to request the rectification, deletion or restriction of processing related to these personal data, or the right to oppose processing; the list of individuals / entities that may access personal data; duration of storage of personal data; the right to file a complaint with the National Authority of Personal Data Processing Surveillance, to the extent the User considers it may not exert its rights and/or the Company's answers to its requests were unsatisfactory.
        2. The Company may decide to ask for a fee for requests which are more frequent that mentioned in the article above.
      2. Right to rectify personal data
        1. Any User may request the Company, for free, to rectify its personal data which turns out to be incorrect. If it considers necessary, after the Company's response, the User may request changes to the personal data, and the Company may either make the changes itself, or instruct the User on steps they may take to make the changes themselves.
      3. Right to erase personal data
        1. The User may request the Company to erase their personal data, and the Company will do so in any of the following situations:
          1. if personal data whose deletion is requested is no longer needed by the Company to fulfil the purposes in which they were collected or processed. In this respect, the company will send a reply to the User, explaining the need for the processing of the personal data concerned in relation to the purposes of the processing, but also the consequences of deletion. In so far as the User considers that such processing is no longer consistent with the purposes specified by the Company, it may maintain its position on the deletion of personal data, assuming its liability for any effects related to the use of the Products as a result of deleting those personal data;
          2. if the User withdraws their consent to the processing of personal data, if the personal data concerned is processed with the user's consent, as a legal basis (you can find more details on the basis of which we process the data Personal Information in Section 5 above);
          3. if the User opposes the processing of personal data, in accordance with the provisions of this policy; the Company will send a reply to the User, indicating to what extent there are legitimate reasons for the processing of personal data further. If the Company transmits a newsletter to users or other methods of commercial communication, the User will have any time and for any reason whatsoever, the possibility to opt out of receiving such communications;
          4. if the User considers that the processing of personal data has been carried out unlawfully; the Company will send a reply to the User, explaining to what extent there is a legal basis for the processing of personal data; in so far as the User considers that such processing is no longer consistent with the purposes specified by the Company, it may maintain its position on the deletion of personal data, assuming its liability for any effects related to the use of the Products as a result of deleting those personal data;
        2. The Company may refuse to comply with the request of the User if the personal data whose deletion is required cannot be deleted due to a legal obligation on the Company's activity (in which case the Company will indicate to the User the basis of this legal obligation), or for the purposes of archiving or statistical (in which case the Company will indicate to the User what measures it may take to ensure that the User's personal data is processed in a safe manner and, at the same time, that the processing does not occur than to provide aggregate information about users' behavior in relation to the Products).
      4. Right to restrict processing of Personal Data
        1. The User has the right to request the Company to restrict the processing of personal data in one of the following cases:
          1. The User indicates that the personal data concerning them is not correct and the Company cannot rectify the personal data indicated instantly, at the time of receipt of the information from the user;
          2. The User indicates that the processing is not legal, but does not wish to delete the data, wishing only to restrict the processing;
          3. The User indicates that they want personal data to be accessible within the Products in order to be able to use them to defend/exercise/ascertain a right before an authority, but does not want personal data to be processed in other purposes;
          4. The User disputes the legitimate interest of the processing of personal data (which are processed on the basis of this legitimate interest) by the Company, and the Company cannot assess, at the time of receiving the request from the User, to what extent the legitimate interest of the company prevails against the right exercised by the user.
        2. If the right to restriction of processing is respected, the Company shall inform the User, as appropriate, before the restriction of processing is no longer applicable, the personal data being processed again.
      5. Right to request portability of personal data.
        The User may ask the Company to transmit all personal data that the User has provided to the Company (so only the personal data that the User has entered directly within the Products, or which relates to their preferences in the Products), in a format that allows the User to transmit this personal data to another entity (for example, another 3D visual design rendering app), in order to be able to access new services or products. This right is exercisable only in the case of personal data processed with the User's consent, or for the provision of the services to the User.
      6. Right of opposition
        1. The User has the right to oppose the processing of personal data that is processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of the Company, as provided in this policy. In this respect, the User can send an email to the company at, or by using the Support Section of the user dashboard, stating the reason for opposition.
        2. The Company shall reply to the User within 30 days of receipt of the request, indicating to what extent it considers that the company's legitimate interest takes precedence over the reason for opposition indicated by the User.
        3. If the User does not wish to receive marketing and/or promotion messages from the Company (in so far as the Company transmits such messages to the User), they may express their choice at any time, without recourse from the Company.
        4. If the exercise of the right by the User is legitimate, the Company will also submit requests to other third parties that may have received that User's personal data, to stop processing the user's personal data;
    2. The User can address National Authority for Personal Data Processing Surveillance, in so far as they consider themselves unjustified by the Company's response/lack of a response to its request for the exercise of one of the rights referred to in this policy.
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Use of Information

We also may use your Personal Information for research purposes and to provide anonymous aggregated reporting for internal and external clients. The Company uses the information collected for its own internal marketing and demographic studies to improve customer service and product offerings. In any case, the Company does not provide your Personal Information to third-parties in a manner that would allow such third-parties to identify you, directly or indirectly, and will only do so with your prior written consent. In case any third-party informs you that it has received access to your Personal Information by accessing the Company Services, please contact us immediately using the contact details provided in this privacy policy.
Customer Service
We also may use your Personal Information in order to respond to your inquiries, to provide the products and services you request, and to manage your account. We will communicate with you by e-mail, live chat or telephone, in accordance with your wishes.
The Company stores information that it collects through cookies, log files, and third-party sources to create a profile of your preferences, in order to improve the Company's Products for you.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

The Company does not sell or rent any of the information collected to third parties for any purposes, but it shares information with third parties as described in this document.
Compliance with Legal Authorities
As required by law, and to enforce customers' or the Company's legal rights, and to comply with local, state, federal and international law, the Company may disclose information to law enforcement agencies.
Links to Other Web Sites
There are several places throughout the Company's web sites that may link you to other web sites that do not operate under this Privacy Policy. When you click through to these web sites, this Privacy Policy no longer applies. The Company recommends that you examine the privacy statements for all third party web sites to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing your Personal Information.
Storage and Security of Personal Information Storage
The Company stores the information it collects on computers located in a controlled, secure facility protected from physical or electronic unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
The Company protects the privacy and integrity of the information it collects by employing appropriate administrative protocols, technical safeguards, and physical security controls designed to limit access, detect and prevent the unauthorized access, improper disclosure, alteration, or destruction of the information under its control. The Company transmits the information used by its external service providers for the specific outsourced operations listed above across public and private networks via recognized encryption technologies, such as by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input.

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If you have any questions about the Company's security on its web sites, please feel free to contact us using the contact page on the site.
Internet Fraud
The Company has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for Internet fraud or any attempt to access or acquire customer or other information on its web sites via illegal or surreptitious means. The Company works with local, national, and international fraud investigation agencies and employs a variety of electronic and other means to discourage, detect, and intercept fraudulent activities. The Company aggressively prosecutes, to the fullest extent of the law; those perpetrators apprehended conducting fraudulent activities on its web site.

Agencies with which the Company cooperates are: state and local police authorities, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, US and International Customs Agencies, and Interpol.
Contact Information
You may contact the Company by using the following methods:
  • Contact form on the site (preferred way)
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