Blender has evolved into a very powerful tool. Its open source nature, combined with the versatility and strength of its programming API, make it an ideal tool for generating and rendering images programatically. In today's technical world, Blender can be used for various purposes: Generating large amounts of models/variations for AI training, Creating NFTs, Generating product variations at scale (for instance different color/materials), Generating scientific data for visualisation, and many more. Using Blender for these purposes can be done by leveraging its built-in tools (drivers and Python coding) or by using 3rd party add-ons for specific purposes.

As the leading render farm in the Blender space, RenderStreet is uniquely positioned to help you deliver such projects. Our custom platform, built in-house, can be adapted to fit your specific purposes. Integrating your tools with our farm is easily done with our API. Hundreds of machines can be at your disposal with just a click of a button, to deliver your renders fast. And our team can help with the integration process and even with coding, if needed (as a paid service).

We always deliver - our success rate for the past years is over 99%. And so can be yours.

Building machine learning training models

In today's world, all the major companies are using machine learning, in one form or another. As access to AI technology becomes easier, more and more businesses are starting to use neural networks to improve their processes and their tools. When deploying an AI, the training phase requires a large amount of data to calibrate the results. For domains that are working with visual inputs, generating tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of images can be a challenge.

By using Blender, the process of creating the necessary image sets can be automated. With RenderStreet's help, the project will be rendered fast, and your training data will be ready when you need it.

Creating product variations at scale

If your business has a product with hundreds or thousands of possible variations, and you need to create images for all of them, RenderStreet can help. By modeling the product in Blender and using Blender's automation capabilities, creating all the possible variations becomes an easy task.

Our experts can explain how to set up the project, how to generate the variations and how to render the entire batch. Rendering the project on our infrastructure will ensure the success of the project and a timely delivery.

Generating NFTs

The artists who wish to create NFTs, digital artwork and crypto collectibles can do so with Blender and RenderStreet. Blender is a perfect tool for creating the assets, and RenderStreet can help render the entire collection in no time, at a reasonable cost. Whether you use Blender standalone, or with a 3rd party add-on, such as Blend_My_NFTs, whether you need to render 10,000 items at a low resolution or two million items at high resolution, we can get the job done.

Large batch rendering

If you have a pipeline generating large amounts of assets that need to be rendered, RenderStreet can be easily integrated into your workflow by using our API. The integration can be seamless, in case you are developing a service for 3rd parties and need a rendering platform.

Even if you have just a one-time massive project, our platform can help deliver it fast. Get in touch with us for specifics.

All renders delivered very fast

Our RenderWheels intelligent resource allocation algorithm continuously monitors every single job and dynamically allocates the optimal number of servers so that all renders finish as fast as possible. Our on-demand plan offers CPU and GPU rendering, with auto-scaling capabilities. The Studio plan offers volume discounts and optimizations for large volumes of work.

Technical assistance: coding, workflow, optimizations

Our team has experience working with large scale projects, and we'll be happy to assist if you need us to. We can advise on coding, and help create the code for your automation. Our team can suggest the optimal ways to set up your pipeline or project for optimal delivery of the assets. And we can also help troubleshoot the integration with our farm so that everything works smoothly from start to end.