The following RenderStreet One Referral Program Terms (“Program Terms”) govern your participation in the RenderStreet One Referral Program. The Program Terms are in addition to the RenderStreet general Terms of Service. All the above terms will apply to your participation in the RenderStreet One Referral Program and will be used to resolve any disputes between you and RenderStreet related to or arising out of the Referral Program.

The Participants in the program are you (the Referring User) and the person(s) you are referring to (the Referred User(s)). In order to be eligible for the Referral Program and its rewards, all Participants expressly agree to the following rules.

Eligible Referral

A Referred User qualifies as Eligible Referral if all of the following conditions are met:
  • The Referred User has created an account through the Referring User's unique referral link
  • The Referred User doesn't have any other RenderStreet accounts, active or inactive
  • The Referred User is not an employee of the same company or group of companies as the Referring User
  • The Referred User did not use a credit card, PayPal account or another means of payment that was previously used on RenderStreet by another account
  • The Referred User is not a member of the same family as the Referring User
  • The Referred User and the Referring User are not in a work relationship (employer/employee, employing company/employee, hired contractor, consultant, etc)
  • The Referred User was not previously referred by someone else
  • The Referred User and the Referring User have not been using the same IP address
  • The Referred User has completed the sign up process and the account validation process (if applicable) and the payment for the RenderStreet One subscription has been successfully processed
  • Both the Referring User and the Referred User are at least 18 years of age
  • The Referring User is an active and approved participant in the Referral Program
  • The Referring User and the Referred User are two distinct persons

Acceptable use

No misrepresentation.You agree not to mislead anyone and not to make any misrepresentations in relation with the Referral Program. This means, among others, that you will not:
  • Create any fake profiles, accounts, websites or pages
  • Misrepresent in any way your relationship with RenderStreet
  • Make any promises in relation to the RenderStreet One program
  • Create multiple RenderStreet accounts
No spamming.You agree not to spam anyone with messages that relate in any way with RenderStreet or the RenderStreet One program and not to use automated tools to distribute your referral link. All communication that you make in relation to the Referral Program must comply with the applicable laws, including CAN-SPAM. This means, among others, that you may not use any the following means to invite users, distribute your referral code or advertise in any way the RenderStreet services, including the RenderStreet One program:
  • Any kind of bots, scripts or automated systems that initiate or respond to messages
  • Mass messages in any form (email, chat or text messages, forum posts, forum messages)
  • Make any promises or guarantees in relation to the RenderStreet One program
  • Contact any persons that you do not know or use contact lists purchased from 3rd parties
Other restrictions.You agree that you will not:
  • Use your referrer link with any kind of 'coupon website', 'group purchase website' or similar services
  • Use any 3rd party brand or intellectual property in relation to your referral code
  • Engage in any unlawful or fraudulent activities
  • Sell your referral code or the access to your RenderStreet account
  • Pay for any kind of advertisement in online or offline media, to promote your referral code
  • Use the RenderStreet brand in connection with content that promotes racism, hatred, discrimination or any kind of harm, content that is abusive, offensive, sexually explicit, political or religious or content that violates someone else's rights

If you violate any of these terms and restrictions RenderStreet may, in its sole discretion, remove your eligibility to participate in the Referral Program, and/or deny you any and all referral points and benefits earned in violation or suspected violation of these restrictions. RenderStreet reserves the right to refuse and retract any referral benefit based on findings of its own investigations into suspected fraudulent activity. Repeated violations of these terms may lead to the permanent closure of your RenderStreet account, in which case you will forfeit all existing credits and referral benefits in the account.

Other provisions

RenderStreet reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.